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This store was designed to provide our Fans with a platform where they can find our merchandise and all can be done with ease. 3% of your purchase will go to Afro Latino Based Foundation.

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3% of our Yearly Revenue goes to an Afro Latino Based Foundation (Scholastics, Music, Activism).

Your recommendations will always be in your best interests.

Our designs are human-centric, based on real user research and insights.

We are passionate about continuous improvement, leaving no stone unturned in the search for the best solutions to your challenges

Working with Eco-Friendly garments and Paperless transaction.

True to size, Great Materials, Fast and response.

Karen De La Buena
Afro Follower

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Adriano Brito

store owner

Afro Dominicano is a Dominicano-york Reggae fusion band formed in 2015. Despite primarily performing reggae music, Afro Dominicano has experimented with genres such as Merengue, Bossa nova, Tango, jazz, and Hip-Hop. Lyrically, the group discusses socio-political and ecological issues including Latin American identity and environmental concerns, as well as interpersonal relationships and love.

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